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Be a part of the #HamiltonForAll wave!  Starting November 28, 2017, we are challenging residents of Hamilton to engage in welcoming, inclusive actions across the city. Want to join the wave but wondering what to do or how?  To get you started, here are 5 actions you can take right now to make Hamilton a more welcoming city for immigrant and refugee newcomers:
Meet your neighbours: 


Make time to get to know your neighbours on your street and/or in your building. You may have neighbours that are new to Canada and don’t know many people in your community or how to get around.  If you meet a new neighbor from another country, you can say hello and welcome them to Hamilton. Friendly welcoming actions could involve introducing newcomers to other friendly neighbours on your street and/or in your building and possibly organizing a neighbourhood social event to get to know them and welcome them to your community.


Organize a community tour and orientation for your new neighbours:


You could try organizing this with other friendly neighbours in your community or through a local neighbourhood/community/cultural organization. Consider sharing local community best-kept secrets (eg. Parks, grocery stores, interesting places to go and explore) and any interesting neighbourhood history and traditions.



Arrange to visit local multicultural organizations, mosques, churches in your community:


Take the time to learn about the rich religious and cultural diversity in Hamilton and share how it enhances and enriches our communities with your family and friends and social media networks.


Don’t be a bystander to discrimination:

If you encounter a family member, friend, loved one or acquaintance speaking in a derisive, discriminatory way about immigrants and refugees, speak up.  There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about newcomers that perpetuate negative feelings toward immigrants and refugees in Hamilton. Address these myths through conversation and invite your friends and family to go to our website to learn about these myths and connect with and share the stories of our Hamilton immigrant and refugee ambassadors. 


Tell the world that Hamilton is for ALL:


Use your social media networks (Twitter, Facebook) to share a welcoming message for newcomers to Hamilton. Share your love for Hamilton, suggestion things to do from visiting your favorite parks to experiencing local cultural scenes and tag your message with #HamiltonForAll.









What are you doing to make Hamilton a more welcoming city for newcomers? Have action ideas we should add to this list?  Let us know and we will add to the action list.



Have you taken action in your community already? If so, thank you! Please submit to us a brief description of the action taken, including who was involved and pictures (if permissible) for a chance to be profiled on the website and win some cool local prizes. 

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