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What do you like about Hamilton?


Hamilton is a quiet and good city and is my home now.


What is your favorite thing to do here? What is your favorite place?


My favorite thing to do in Hamilton is visiting Confederation Park and enjoying nature. 


Tell us one thing that people may not know about you?


Perhaps, because my personality is outgoing - others may not know that I am sensitive and caring. 

What do you do and what are your aspirations?


I am currently in Grade 12 at Glendale Secondary School and my dream is to be a nurse one day. I also work at Burger King and support my family in achieving their goals. 


What is your message to other newcomers that are coming to Hamilton? Any advice?


My advice to other newcomers is to talk to people, don't be shy - let them laugh with you and at you but keep the communication open. 


Tell us your story


I am from Ethiopia. I came to Hamilton in 2015 from Sudan after my grandmother sponsored me. I came here with my mom and my uncle. My grandmother came to Hamilton 9 years before us as a refugee. I have had a difficult childhood and faced many challenges in life but I have never given up. Since my arrival in Canada I have found a lot of support and help at my school and YMCA. My greatest regret in life is not remembering my father's image as we were separated by war. I have not seen my sister for 10 years as we were separated by circumstances too. My experience in Hamilton has been positive so far - it is a safe city. We weren't respected when we were refugees but I feel I earned that respect back when I came to Hamilton. I appreciate the opportunities this city has given me. 

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