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What do you like about Hamilton?


Hamilton is a very diverse city. You will find a variety of different cultures here.


What is your favorite thing to do here? What is your favorite place?


I love going to community fairs and events. My favorite is the annual rib festival. 

Tell us one thing that people may not know about you?


I love to cook especially south Indian dishes. I also enjoy growing backyard veggies.    

What do you do and what are your aspirations?


I am a community pharmacist and want to expand my pharmacy business. 


What is your message to other newcomers that are coming to Hamilton? Any advice?


Hamilton provides lots of opportunity for newcomers. Work hard, follow your passion and don't be afraid to make connections. Networking is important to get the right advice and direction. Keep in mind that you are not alone and there are people out there willing to help you. It's important for people who immigrate to Canada to have a plan for their future. If you are a professional in another country, make sure that you work for your licence from day one. Canadian professional licensing is difficult but achievable. Don't get discouraged by the hurdles that you have to go through in your initial days but at the end of the day, it's all well worth it. 


Tell us your story


I came to Canada with my wife Alice, straight to Hamilton, from India in 2001 and started my career as a pharmacy clerk. For the first 2 years, we spent most of our time in studying for our pharmacist licensing exam. After finishing all the exams, we got the license as registered pharmacist. I worked as a staff pharmacist for 2 years and then started my own pharmacy franchise business of Shoppers Drug Mart on the Hamilton Mountain. 

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